Viviane Rose Lachepelle

aka "The Iron Rose"


Though Viviane’s information is generally only visible in her own mind, holographic
data was often projected like this to make her actions more accessible to viewers

The Lachepelle name is well known through the Sol system. Its import dates back to the days prior to the new millennium but it really came to the forefront during the transition to the New Age, when they were one of the primary financiers of The Tower of the Lourve, a state of the art arcology in Paris that was able to help stabilize the starving and freezing population of the city. Due in no small part to the efforts of the Lachepelles much of France’s culture and history was able to be saved and carried forward into the New Age. With few bumps in the road they continued to be at the forefront of social evolution.

It’s no surprise that Viviane felt such a weight on her shoulders growing up. The considerable reputation her family held was protected by its members with vigilance – children of the family were expected to behave a certain way, to carry themselves a certain way. She received special treatment everywhere she went – even if she didn’t realize what was happening.

As beautiful as life was on Earth though, Viviane always yearned for more. She watched AR vids of UN Marines and Space Command troops soaring through the stars, making FTL jumps and seeing other stars. Much of her extended family was shocked to hear that she enlisted in the UNMC as soon as she was old enough, but those that knew her well were not. It was clear Viviane would never enjoy a life of idleness.

Her name still served her well in the UNMC, as she was drafted into a cutting edge “Smart Soldier” project. Neural interface technology has advanced greatly over last few decades and the UNMC wants to put that to use. Viviane was fitted with a top of the line brain jack and trained in an array of its uses – space piloting, computer use, and her specialty – power armor operation.

She became the poster child of the drive to modernize the military. Recordings of her in action were shown to UNMC generals as examples of how to utilize the units and civilians to advertise votes to increase production. This only increased as her latent psi power began to awaken – possibly due to the installation of the brain jack.

Viviane’s old M6 Pacification unit

Viviane did not mind being the center of attention – she always had been, her entire life. To her, the cameras were just background noise, but the reality of their presence would become all to real.

It happened on Phobos. A new mining colony had been approved – but only just barely. It was a controversial topic. Many residents of Phobos had proven to be very independent already, ignoring UN rulings and some had even carried out terrorist attacks in Olympus City and other places on Mars – including one that killed a good childhood friend of Viviane’s, Sarah Park. The idea of giving them access to fusion drills and other tools necessary to mine this element was not seen fondly by Martians but Earth needed the materials for cybernetics production and so the vote passed by an inch.

Mining operations were just barely underway at Phobos-4m when catastrophe struck. Terrorists belonging to a group known as Sanctus Humana took over the facility. A distress call was sent out by the facilities operations manager Harry Franz before he began gathering as many of the facilities residents as he could into hiding. When Viviane’s unit arrived the station was dark – it was clear the terrorists had already gained access to habitat controls, but life support systems were still engaged. The terrorist leader – Victor De La Cruz – had assuredly made demands of the UN for release of the hostages, but the UN would only pretend to hear his requests. The Marines handled these situations. As the team approached the habitat controls – deep in the center of the colony – the picture became clearer what was happening. Explosives had been rigged all over the place. Their plan was never to follow through on their demands – they were just buying time to destroy the entire colony. There was no way to tell how quickly they had been able to plant explosives, so the commander made the call to break stealth protocols and rush to habitat controls as quickly as possible. Tens of thousands of lives were at risk now. Just as they were approaching the habitat control though, the squad leader set off a proximity mine and was killed immediately, along with 2 of Viviane’s squad mates. Absent a commander, the team looked to Viviane for leadership. They pressed on under her orders and were able to breach the habitat controls. The terrorists were vile, though, and here were using human shields.

Through the displays around the room Viviane and her squad deduced that most of the facility had already been set for explosives – there were maybe two or three wings that weren’t finished yet. Victor taunted the squad, boasting how they couldn’t hurt them without hurting some of the hostages – but Viviane could see he was only buying more time. He he began playing with the detonator, the maddening look in his eyes said it all – he never planned to leave here. If they gave him anymore time he would destroy this entire colony.

Viviane formulated a plan and communicated it by text via her brain jack directly to the armors of her squad. Her shoulder mounted cannon would make the first shot – locked into Victor directly. She knew as soon as that went off the rest of the terrorists would immediately begin to attack and try to retrieve the detonator. The entire squad was on the lookout for other detonators but it appears megalomania prevented him from building any others, as far as they could see. To minimize civilian casualties non-lethal means were to be utilized as possible. Knockout gasses would turn the civilians to dead weight, encouraging those without power armor to just drop their hostages. Tear gases would help disable any who were not environmentally sealed.

Viviane’s new M-2 Labor Unit

When the dust settled the UNMC had recovered the detonator and saved the lives of tens of thousands of Phobos-4m residents. But the harsh realities of conflict reared their ugly heads. In the conflict 27 civilian casualties occurred – most by the weapons of the UNMC. It was a highly publicized event and Viviane – being both the celebrity she was and the commander at the time the casualties occurred took the full brunt of the public outcry.

She was stripped of rank and accolades but her commanders knew the situation – she was faced with nothing but poor options and did the best she – or possibly anybody – could have done in the situation. Instead of being discharged she was reassigned to She does not regret her decision and feels she is responsible for tens of thousands of people living, not dozens dead. Much of the world though sees her as a disgrace, a cautionary tale. Many believe the fact that she is still is a marine at all is entirely due to her name.

Viviane now feels the weight of the eyes of the world on her in a way she never did before. Now she feels as though she has something to prove. She wants to prove she is worthy of the Lachepelle name, of the title of Marine, and of all the great qualities the advertisements made her appear to have.



Viviane Rose Lachepelle

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