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Cybernetics blur the line between man and machine, and that is not something everyone is willing to do. There are some purists who do not condone even prosthetic cybernetics, and many more who condemn augmentations. Nevertheless, the UN does allow them (civilian cybernetics are legally restricted in much the same way weapons are), and utilizes them in military forces.


Per Ultratech pg 207 Cybernetic advantages should generally have the limitation Temporary Disadvantage (Electrical, -20%), which means the advantage is vulnerable to electrical surges, power draining, etc. See Electrical, p B134. This limitation can be bought off with Hardening (+20%), which protects it against those effects.

Cybernetic replacement parts for specific body locations are bought as a crippling disadvantage with the Mitigator (-70%) limitation This limitation is assumed to include the effects of Electrical, Maintenance (1 person, monthly (p B143), and Unhealing (p B160) disadvantages for that body part. These can be changed as needed so long as the mitigator is likewise adjusted.

Nervous System

UNMC “Smart Soldier” Neural Interface

The forefront of direct digital to brain communication, allows the brain to send input commands and receive text-only output from a computer device.

Implanted Computer

Note: Requires a Neural Interface A personal computing device implanted directly into the body and linked to the neural interface of the user’s brain, able to retain information and perform calculations on data.


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