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I have compiled a list of major historical events that you may study. Please see the subjects below.

2029- Apophis

Detonated above north Africa destroying most life on the content as well as annihilating southern Europe, the middle east and India. 5 billion people die as a result of the strike. Most of the world’s vegetation is set ablaze and the Earth plunges into a winter.

2030 – The Unification

The world economy collapses and the remaining countries all band together under the U.N. flag
Due to the destruction of agriculture and animal life humanity begins to starve. Then the greatest minds come together in an unparalleled cooperative movement and sharing of information.

2050- New Age

After years of hardship many major projects are finished. Humanity comes together in huge mega buildings. Fusion technology, hydroponics and nanomedicine all become a reality. They are shared freely with all of humanity.

2070 – The Change

On paper terraforming and FTL travel are proven to be attainable and projects begin to make them a reality.

2090 – Reclaiming Earth

The first Terraforming platform is activated and begins to return earth to a functioning ecosystem.

2119 – Ecology

Terraforming of earth is completed. Earth is not powered entirely by renewable energy. A mix between solar, wind and fusion power.

2121- Beyond Earth

There are several jumps in the space program that make mining of the asteroid belt a reality. Humanity is now open to near unlimited natural resources.

2129 – The Jump

The first successful test of a FTL spacecraft is completed. The Essex, an U.M.N.C. FTL ship travels to Jupiter Station, jumps past the Kuiper belt and back.

2135- 3 Parsecs

Humanity spreads to the surrounding systems. Jump-drives are refined to allow FTL travel up to 10 light years. Terra-forming allows for human colonies on many planets that would previously not be able to support human life.

2147 – Direct Government

Direct democracy is adopted by all of humanity. Currency is entirely abandoned. The value of a person is measured by what they contribute to humanity. All of the remaining large corporations are dissolved. The role of the government is changed. It is now responsible for keeping its citizens safe, education, the discrimination of information and the distribution of resources to its people.
For the first time in Human history all of humanity is under a single government built entirely to benefit all of this people. All major shipping from any colony to any other colony is done by the United Nations Shipping Corp.

2151 – Communication

The hyper-pulse generator is invented. It is a technology that allows for faster than light communication. They are large and require huge amounts of power.


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